Phoenix Wellness Services is a Nutritionist in Ann Arbor, MI

Welcome to Phoenix Wellness Services, my name is Mark Rojek, a professional nutritionist and digestive health specialist in Ann Ann Arbor, MI . With over 34 years of experience, I am dedicated to providing my clients with nutritional counseling and a wellness programs to help with digestion issues. I have been published internationally and teach medical students of the University of Michigan on the use of enzymes in clinical conditions.

As a Certified Advanced Loomis Digestive Health Specialist and Enzyme Therapist, I help my patients resolve digestive disorders, immune and auto-immune disorders, neurological issues, as well as provide detox programs. My passion lies in knowing how to help clients reach their goals through nutrition/food, appropriate exercise, heavy metal detox programs and using genetics. In addition, I provide sports nutrition services to boost my clients who are not having health issues, but are trying to improve their current athletic performance through my enzyme nutrition therapy.

I utilize a variety of testing methods to give you proven results including Lipid Replacement Therapy, Nutrigenomics Testing, The Loomis Digestive Palpation Exam, The Loomis 24-Hour Urinalysis, Quicksilver Tri-Mercury Testing, and acupuncture. To learn more about all of my wellness programs and how I can help you with your nutritional counseling, contact me at Phoenix Wellness Services today!

What Makes Me Proud
  • 34 Years of Clinical Experience
  • Certified Advanced Loomis Digestive Specialist
  • Certified in Acupuncture
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Independently Owned & Operated
  • Works with All Ages
Locations Served
  • Ann Arbor, MI