Digestive Health Specialist

In addition to my Nutrigenomic Testing, I am also an enzyme therapist that provides digestive health services through my Loomis Digestive Palpation Exam. Unlike most individuals with indigestion that subsides on its own fairly quickly, certain people have trouble with this. I can obtain userful information of an individual’s biochemistry to correlate findings of a physical examination. This will reveal if you can break down carbohydrates and sugars to use as energy and not experience constipation or diarrhea, if you can digest protein, if you can digest fruits and vegetables without excessive bloating or gas, and if you can digest fats and oils and utilize the fat soluable vitamins and produce adequate hormones. You will be able to determine which foods are beneficial for you and which ones cause you stress during digestion. If you've been struggling with indigestion that seems to be incurable, then contact the best digestive health specialist at Phoenix Wellness Services today!